Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu Expedition
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Manaslu Expedition

About Manaslu Expedition

Manaslu Expedition is an adventurous and strenuous climbing in the Himalayas. Mt. Manaslu is the seventh highest mountain in the world. Standing 8,156 meters above from the sea level, climbing mount Manaslu will give you a lifetime achievement. Located in the midwest part of Nepal, Manaslu Expedition traverses one of the remotest parts of Himalayas. Climbing Mt. Manaslu is tough and required extensive knowledge of the route to the summit and professional experience.

To reach the top of Mt. Manaslu, you have to overcome many technical and deadly sections. The word Manaslu means Spirit and is derived from the Sanskrit word- Manasa. You have to be physically strong with previous climbing experience to go on the Manasalu Expedition. Mt. Manaslu was first summited in 19566, May 9 by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu who are the members of the Japanese Expedition team. After that many adventure lovers has scaled this mountain.

Besides all the difficulties, you have to face during Mt. Manaslu Expedition, you will also get to see views, unlike any other place. Throughout the journey, you will observe the stunning landscape and panoramic views of the Himalayas. Likewise, in the lower elevation, you will get to look into the daily lifestyle of the locals and experience their rich culture. No doubt, the Manaslu Expedition is a lifetime journey.

Highlights of Manaslu Expedition

  • Scenic drive from Kathmandu to the starting point of the journey Arughat
  • Adventurous trail
  • Get to witness amazing landscape on the way
  • Trek through picturesque villages to the base of Mt. Manaslu
  • Experience rich culture and unique lifestyle of the locals
  • Reach the top of Mt. Manaslu, the seventh highest mountain in the world
  • Witness surreal view from the top of Mt. Manaslu
  • Get to see several Himalayan mountains


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You will land at the Tribhuvan International Airport, where one of our team members will welcome you and take you to the hotel in a private tourist bus/van. You will be informed about the day program. Later, in the evening, you will meet with other team members over a welcome dinner. 

  • Hotel
  • Welcome dinner

This day is dedicated to the preparation of the trip. You will get a short briefing regarding the trail and arrange all the documents needed to go on this trip. You will also check all the gears along with your guide and do shopping if needed.

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast only

After having a warm breakfast, you drive towards Arughat. It is going to be a long drive the offers heart-warming landscape views. Some parts of the route can get a little bumpy, overall it is going to be a joyful drive.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Leaving Arughat behind, you trek towards SotiKhola. The trail goes through small villages and lush forests. You get to see beautiful views on the way.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

The trek begins with crossing a bridge. The trail then ascends over a big rock and descend to the bank of the Budi Gandaki river. Further, you will move along the steep rocky paths and reach Labishe (880 m), a lovely Gurung village. From here, you trek and reach Machha Khola.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Leaving Machha Khola, you trek along the Budi Gandaki river and ascend & descend through several ridges. You will soon notice the valley opens up and walking on a beautiful trail, you reach Jagat. 

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

You trek and reach Sridibas. Looking over the ancient mani wall, you enter an area, which is influenced by Tibetan culture and lifestyle. The trail gradually ascends to Ghatta Khola and move to Philim. From here, you descend through grassy slopes and cross the Budi Gandaki river. Trekking through the lush bamboo forest, you reach the tiny village called Deng.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

The route involves several ascends and descends until you reach Ghap. Here, you will get to see precisely craved stones with the image of Lord Buddha. Further, ascending through lush bamboo & rhododendron forests, you reach Namrung.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Getting our permits checked at the police check post, you begin trekking. Soon, you will come across the Hinan river that originates from Linda Glacier. The trail further continues to Lho village from where you get to see superb views of Manaslu North, Naike Peak, and a few other mountains. 

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Continuing trekking along a riverbank, you ascend through dense forests. On the way, you get to see fantastic views of Peak 29, Himla Chuli, Mt. Manaslu, and a few other mountains. The trail passes through Shala village and moves towards Sama Gaun. 

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Sama Gaun is a beautiful village and also one of the old salt trade routes from Nepal to Tibet. Today, you will visit ancient Sama Gompa and explore the village. You can interact with the locals and get to see their fascinating lifestyles. 

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Today, you will follow a steep trail over glacier moraine and pass through Briendra Kund, a beautiful glacial lake. The trail can get tiring, so you will trek frequent breaks before reaching the Manaslu Base Camp.

  • Camping
  • BLD

From this day onwards, you begin pushing towards the summit of Mt. Manaslu. You will make a few different camps before touching the summit. Make sure to follow the guidance of your team leader properly and let him know in case of any discomfort. The trail will be tough and also include technical climbing. After a successful climb, you gradually descend back to the base camp following the same route.

  • Camping
  • BLD

Today, you will pack up all the gears and clean the base camp before leaving it. We will give you bags, which you can fill up with all the wastage. 

  • Camping
  • BLD

Retracing the path, you descend to Sama Gaun. The trail drops down along glacier moraine and takes you to your destination of the day.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Leaving Sama Gaun, the trail descends through small villages and take you to Namrung. You get to observe stunning scenery on the way.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

From Namrung, you will pass by Deng. The trail goes along the Deng Khola and crosses. Further, you ascend enjoying beautiful terraced fields and reach Philim village.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Crossing a bridge, you move along Ghatte Khola and reach Sirdibas. The trail then passes through Tatopani and Jagat along with dense forest to take you to Machha Khola.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

You will retrace the path and trek to Arughat. Before reaching Arughat, you pass through several villages enjoying beautiful views.

  • Teahouse/Camping
  • BLD

Today, you drive back to Kathmandu following a scenic route. The drive will belong. Upon reaching Kathmandu, you head to the hotel. The rest of the day is free for you. 

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast & lunch

This is your last day in Kathmandu. You can explore the tourist sites and shop souvenirs in the local markets. Later, in the evening, we will celebrate our successful journey over a farewell dinner organized by the company.

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast & farewell dinner

Our adventurous trip comes to an end. Our team member will help you in check-out and drop you at the Airport for flight back to home.

    Good to Know

    Manaslu North-East Col Route

    Manaslu Base Camp (4,800m)

    Located on a rocky moraine, Manaslu Base Camp offers excellent views of the Himalayas. Base camp is the place, where you will be spending the longest time during the Manaslu expedition. The base camp will be set with all the tents and requirements. We, Dream Peak Adventure offers separate sleeping tents to all the crew members with a common dining tent and washroom tents. During your stay in base camp, your team leader will give you basic climbing training and also teach you how to properly use the gears. Before moving towards higher camps, we will be doing a small puja ceremony to get blessed by the deities for the successful and safe expedition.

    Camp I (5,700m)

    From the base camp, you will walk on mixed terrain crossing a few crevasses and ice sections. You will walk on grassy slopes, rock slabs, moraines, and glacier. As per our past experience, it will take you around four hours to reach Camp I from the base camp. Camp I is divided into two sections Camp I and Camp II with a distance of 100 m from each other.

    Camp II (6,400m)

    The route to Camp II is the most difficult because you have to cross many technical parts. Walking on snow for an hour, you ascend on numerous steep parts. Further, you will use a ladder to cross steep snow climbing. Most of the route involves steep parts. Gradually ascending on a snowy terrace, you climb icefall and reach Camp II. It will take around five hours to reach Camp II from Camp I.

    Camp III (6,800m)

    The distance between Camp II and Camp III is the shortest. The route includes a few crevasses of a half meter that you have to cross. On the tricky parts, the ropes are fixed by sherpas. Due to short distance and less technical parts, it can seem easy to you, but the exposure to cold, wind & sun makes the walk tiring.

    Camp IV (7,500m)

    It is going to be a long climbing day, not because of the distance but also high altitude and thin air. Today, you will be approaching the death zone. As the oxygen level decreases any small effort will get tiring. You have to ascend three to four hours on steep snow on the 50º-55º slope. You have to be careful while climbing to Camp IV as the snow slopes covered a layer of ice that can be avalanche prone.

    Summit (8,156m)

    We will begin climbing towards the summit of Mt. Manaslu around midnight so that we can reach the summit between 7 am to 10 am. Before reaching the main summit, you pass by a false summit. You have to walk on an exposed ridge to reach the main summit. You ascend through many basins with short headwalls. Your team leader will fix the ropes whenever required. After touching the summit, you follow the same route and descend to lower camp for night stay.

    Why go on Manaslu Expedition with Dream Peak Adventure?

    We, Dream Peak Adventure will provide you a team of like-minded and professional climbers who are willing to reach the summit as much you are. We believe in supporting and becoming core strength to each other during the climbing. While climbing every team member's input is equally important and taken into consideration. Likewise, in the camps, you will get top-notch service, branded gears, and nutritious meals. All of our meals during the climbing period are cooked by our team. We offer a good variety of meals and snacks to choose from. Furthermore, we make sure that you are getting your required number of calories every day for smooth climbing.

    We are a team of a few active climbers who believe in providing quality & lifetime experience over quantity. All of our guides are trained and assessed through the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) along with other training like rescue, first aid, etc. You will be guided by experienced Sherpas who have successfully led several groups to the top of Manaslu.

    Similarly, you will get the most advanced technologies for weather forecasting and communication. We also work with the official weather forecaster team of the country who will help us during the climb. At the base camp, we will provide you WiFi and Satellite phones to keep in touch with your loved ones.

    At the Everest Base Camp, we will have a dedicated doctor for the entire climbing team who will stand by for any emergency. He will frequently examine you during the stay at the base camp and make sure everything is okay. With all of these services, we also make sure that you are paying the right amount for the expedition. Our Manaslu expedition cost is well prepared without compromising anything.

    Best time to go on Manaslu Expedition

    Due to stable weather and moderate climate, April & May is preferred as the best time to climb Mt. Manaslu. This is the peak time of the year when many mountaineers push towards the summit of Manaslu. Likewise, the views are also clear and outstanding. Similarly, in the lower elevation, you will see many floras bloomed all over the trail.

    Preparation & Physical Fitness

    There are many tough sections and high altitude that makes the journey entirely strenuous and deadly during Manaslu Expedition. The trail is physically demanding, requires strong stamina, determination, and will-power. Some days can get 15 hours long as well. Even though most of your loads will be carried by porters, you have to face extreme weather and environment unlike any other place on Earth.

    You will be spending more than a month amidst high snow-covered mountains, glaciers, and cold wind. Therefore, it is very important to prepare yourself mentally along with physically. Previous trekking and climbing experience is mandatory to have to go on the Manaslu Expedition. We have designed our itinerary and planned for the expedition based on our previous experiences. There will be no issues from our side during the journey, and we want you to make sure that you are ready for this extreme challenge before embarking on the journey.

    Food & Accommodation

    While traveling with us, you will get the best possible accommodation and meals. In the villages, you will be staying in a teahouse or guesthouse. You will get basic facilities in the teahouse/guesthouse. The rooms are usually small and come with two beds. In most of the places, you will find private washrooms, but many accommodations have common washrooms as well. During the climbing period, you will stay overnight in camp. Our team will carry all the tents to the base camp and other camps. We offer high-quality tents for sleeping, dining, cooking, and washroom.

    You can choose meals from the menu of the lodge/guesthouse. They offer a wide variety of dishes from Nepali, Indian, Tibetan, Continental. Likewise, in the camp, you will eat meals cooked by our team members who are professionally trained in cooking a variety of dishes. We provide you enough calories and delicious food during climbing that will keep you moving. Water is available everywhere. You can fill your reusable water bottle in the village. In camps, we will carry gallons of water with ourselves.

    Manaslu Expedition Packing List

    We want you to know that you can rent or buy all the gears in Kathmandu. There are several options from medium range brands to high-end brands for all budget types.

    • Clothing
    • Sun hat/scarf
    • Fleece jacket with wind-Stopper
    • Waterproof shell jacket
    • Down vest and/or jacket
    • Lightweight gloves/Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer
    • Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
    • Fleece/wool pants
    • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants
    • Thick, warm wool hiking socks
    • Hiking boots with spare laces
    • Sunglasses with UV protection


    • Sleeping bag rated to zero degrees Fahrenheit
    • Trekking poles
    • Headlamp
    • Trek bag-pack
    • Basic First Aid Kit
    • Daypack
    • Thermo-rest sleeping pad
    • Water bottles

    Climbing gears

    • Climbing harness
    • Ice ax
    • crampons
    • Mountaineering boots
    • AscenderDescender/Abseil device
    • Rope
    • Snow bar
    • Ice hammer
    • Helmet (optional)


    • Quick-drying towel/Small wash towel
    • Soap (biodegradable)
    • Toothbrush/paste biodegradable)
    • Deodorants
    • Face and body moisturizer
    • Nail clippers
    • Small mirror
    • Tissue paper/toilet roll
    • Anti-bacterial Hand wash


    • Trail Map/Guide book
    • Binocular
    • Reading book
    • Journal & Pen
    • Pencils and small notebooks
    • Camera with extra batteries