• Krishna Kumar Magar

    Krishna Kumar Magar

    Co-founder – UIMLA Mountain Leader & Instructor

    Krishna Kumar Magar was born on a full moon starlit night in the legendary region of Solukhumbu, so well known for its mighty peaks, mainly Mt. Everest. Krishna’s father clambered out of his village home to fetch water when he looked up to the skies and noticed an extraordinary number of stars in the heavens lit up by a full bright moon and thought this to be a good sign in the birth of his second son.

    Full-fledged French-speaking International Mountain Leader – Full Member of  UIMLA, SNAM & NMLA

    His thoughts would later, down the years, prove to be true because the stars his father saw sure lit up his son’s life when Krishna embarked on his first trek to the Annapurna Base Camp as a budding teenager of just 15 years old; since then, Krishna never looked back to what was to become his destiny in a career that took shape on the same mountains. He was born in albeit in another region.

    Krishna Magar is now 26 years old and on the cusp of establishing a company named ‘Dream Peak Adventure.’ The stars of that starry night of his birth have now gone full circle. However, it wasn’t easy getting to where he is now, down the years Krishna saw that life was toiling with blood, sweat, and tears, having been born into a pretty large family with 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and his parents. Surviving on Nepal’s mountains by tilling farmlands was simply not enough to feed a family this large. Juggling between studies while seeking a source of income to help his large family, Krishna walked the mountain trails to pay for his education at an early age and completed grade 12 in the capital city Kathmandu.

    Krishna Magar fell in love with the mountains as a little child, and the mountain gods perhaps returned the love with an income source and experience, which morphed into climbing peaks like ‘Island Peak 6,189m and Chulu West at 6,100m’. Krishna has trekked all of Nepal’s famous trekking circuits in the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and restricted areas of Nepal’s Himalayas. However, doing peaks was a do-or-die ambition, and this was achieved with two famous trekking peaks.

    It was while climbing peaks that Krishna learned climbing was not all about heroics, but the risks that came with life itself, perhaps, the most notable experience Krishna achieved was in the course of climbing Island Peak. It was here that he discovered the most common mistake climbers made is thinking of the summit as the end goal, but this is not. So, from his point of view, the end goal should always be to return alive after reaching the summit in one piece. This has become the hallmark of Krishna’s strategy when climbing peaks, which puts much focus on the safety of his clients when guiding them on mountain expeditions.

    Krishna has now come a long way after his father looked up to the many stars. He saw in the heavens as his son Krishna has now become a rising star itself. In the course of his trekking the mountains, Krishna Kumar Magar also speaks fluent French and has traveled to Europe often to improvise on his God-given skills of climbing mountains; as big as they come. Krishna knows it’s easy to get introduced to the mountains, but the risks involved far outweigh the ease in which it comes. With a simple education, competing for jobs in Kathmandu is very difficult in a country seeped in nepotism, so the only way out is to work as a full-blown ‘mountain guide,’ but Krishna loves his work more than his life.

    Krishna’s final aspirations are to finally become a fully certified UIMLA guide and pray to the mountain gods that this will come about soon. Till then, he will continue to serve Nepal’s mountain tourism sector and ensure the safety of his clients whenever he’s on expeditions. He wishes to do all this without hurting anyone’s feelings’’, despite the formidable challenges that come with peak climbing. Krishna’s ambitions are to turn his company ‘’Dream Peak Adventure’’ into one of the most reliable and accountable adventure companies in the Himalayan state of Nepal.

  • Amrita SHRESTHA

    Amrita SHRESTHA

    office Manager
  • Yan Bahadur Thapa

    Yan Bahadur Thapa

    Senior Mountain Leader/ Guide