"We seek to be different from the others"

Dream Peak Adventures P. Ltd has worked hard to be where it is today. We are a team of young climbers who have toiled our way through life, taking huge risks on the mighty Himalayas of Nepal. Your choice to travel with us will show you the differences we’ve made over the years. We will continue to improvise on our services to offer a better and reliable travel experience. We truly enjoy what we do, and one of them is mapping the length & breadth of the Himalayas. 

Many years of experience

Our several years of experience granted us to professionally design our trek, tours, and expeditions itineraries all over Nepal. After a lot of research and on-field knowledge, we have created the best itineraries that will provide you once in a lifetime experience. It’s always our desire to give you value for what you pay without letting go of your safety. We are constantly working to act upon ways that go beyond all your expectations the moment your journey begins in Nepal.

Safety priorities and services are crucial when you book with us

Our safety measures are beyond comparisons because we’ve seen it all, done it all. We know what the heights can do if you set out unprepared on a high altitude trek or attempt a peak of over 6,000m. It’s always a risk above the tree-lines, and we do risk assessments & double-check our itineraries before sending them to our guests. 

We make sure enough acclimatizing time is given to our trekkers & climbers embarking on a trip with us. This has allowed us to develop a good practice to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone joining a trip to the Himalayas in Nepal. Likewise, we encourage our clients to go through a medical routine before starting any potential trip above 4,000 meters in altitude. 

Small and private groups

A limited group of adventures makes traveling easier and serene. The trail doesn’t become a hurdle to cross, and you can focus all your energy on discovering the region. At Dream Peak Adventure, our groups are limited enough to give you that individual feel of discovering a destination independently but large enough to socialize. Group sizes tend to differentiate between where and how we are traveling, but our average group size is about 10 people on the move.

The small group you are, the more united you stand, and this creates a sturdy family.

Custom & tailor-made trips

Our carefully designed trips have been well thought off to suit your needs. We use our in-depth experience picked up over the years to organize tours and treks that truly match your needs. Whether you are looking for a budget tour, luxury tour, or treks and expeditions on the mountains, as a group or individual, we have the experience to offer you the best & what matches your expectations. Our custom itineraries are prepared to go long or short, depending on your time frame & the kind of journey you want to undertake.

Responsible tourism with a conscience

Sustainable travel doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the journey. It means that fun can be used to benefit others, with respect. Dream Peak Adventure is dedicated to a sense of responsibility, operating through our values and ensuring that we follow the rules compatible with our environment. This being, to operate responsibly, incorporating the principles of sustainable tourism. 

Never compromise on our services

We Dream Peak Adventure family is sensitive to the needs of our clients at all times. Experience over the years has taught us lessons on what makes our guests happy. We understand the mystery that is human nature and hence, go the mile to make sure our clients get the best.


These mountains teach us so much about life, and this is how Dream Peak Adventure was born.